Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rescue of Greece is Hanging on a Wedding Gift

By Con George-Kotzabasis

The political debutantes of the Democratic Left under the foolish, unimaginative, and weak leadership of Fotis Kouvelis will everlastingly be condemned for their choice, at this critical moment for Greece, to dance ton choro tou Zalongou and take Greece along in their plunge to the precipice. Their dogged stance on the issue of the ergasiaka (working relations), when it is crystal clear that the IMF is determined not even to contemplate or countenance any back-down on them, is highly imprudent and especially most dangerous to the cohesion of the three-partite Samaras’ Government that is so vital in overcoming the economic and political crisis of the country. Yet the impresario of this tragi-comedy, Fotis Kouvelis, is not unwilling to sacrifice on the altar of a “wedding gift” the resuscitation of Greece from its economically comatose state. Ludicrously for the Democratic Left, the imperative rescue of Greece is hanging on a clause of working relations that grants to workers a wedding gift.